Holla Trails

Steps for renewing your membership

It’s that time of year again where memberships are approaching expiry and we need to get new bike boards ordered.

To make the process as smooth as possible for you we have put together some easy steps for you to follow.

Here it goes…

STEP 1: Go to Hollatrails.co.za

STEP 2: Login to your account (please use the “Forgotten Password” button or send me an e-mail if you’ve lost your login details: trailmaster@hollatrails.co.za)

STEP 3: Click on “Profile” in the top right corner

STEP 4: On your profile page click on “Renew Account”

STEP 5: Select the membership option which will add it to your cart

STEP 6: Click the “buy” button on the next page

STEP 7: Click “Proceed to checkout” on the next page

STEP 8: Choose the payment option at the bottom of the check out page, accept the conditions and click the pay button

STEP 9: Done!
Riders your boards will be ready at the trail head after 7 days and you can ride with a temporary board until then.
Runners you can collect your bands from the trail head from 1st March, until then you can use a temporary band.

Any questions please shout and we look forward to spending another adventurous year on the trails with you!

Jasper and the Holla Team