Running Trails

Top Mud
Whether you are an anxious newbie or experienced pro, we hope you enjoy taking your adventure on to our trails.
Top yellow mud
Tips for enjoying your day
  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Especially when introducing new runners or kids to the trails. We have seen many people being put off running after arriving back shattered because their mates/parents took them for a long run that they weren’t ready for.
  2. Take some snacks and enough fluids to sustain you longer than you think you will be out (even better, take a picnic, find a cool spot and chill).
  3. If you get lost, go back to the last place you saw an arrow and try again.
  4. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the views.
  5. Join two short trails together instead of doing a huge long route. This keeps you closer to the trailhead than one long route and will have more single track per km.

Generally speaking, the trails below get harder as you make your way down the list.

Bottom yellow mud

Pink – Sponsored by Balwin Sport: A 5 kilometre classic beginner route perfect for an introduction to trail running. We cannot make it any easier but we can make it bit shorter. There are two short cuts that make the loop 3 kilometres. Also a nice route to take small kids along with their bikes.

Brown (FV): With 8.5 kilometre a perfect route for those looking for something slightly longer and a bit more challenging then the 5km pink route, but still easy on the legs.

Blue (FV): 14 Kilometres. Our longest run with a mix of fast, flat, hilly and technical sections. A perfect mix if you are looking for a longer training run. If you are still looking for more, please enquire at the trailhead and we will find the right challenge for you.

(FV) : The routes marked with (FV) go through Fairview Estates. Everyone that has a valid Holla Trails permit and is registered as a member or day visitor on our website has access to the trails on Fairview Estates from 0600 to 1800.

Unfortunately there are no dogs allowed on Fairview Estates.



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