Holla Trails cyclists

Tips: Getting back on the bike

If, (like me) you’ve not been very active over the holidays 🤪and are keen to get back on the trails, here are some tips to get you back on track (excuse the pun):

Accept where you are: Be realistic about your current fitness level and don’t expect to match your PR’s instantly. It takes time to get back but it’s also a chance to continue improving and exceed your previous levels over time.

Don’t go big: Rather start with more smaller rides and runs than going for the long ones.

Go hard: You don’t have to spend weeks building a base. Just start with short high intensity sessions – 6 x 10 second sprints, separated with a couple of minutes easy spinning.

Don’t over do it: It’s tempting to go on every group ride, and when there are no group rides do intervals and high intensity rides or cram all workouts into every ride, but it’s better to structure your workouts and take your time to recover in between.

Eat: if you get active again, you also start to consume more calories so you need to adjust what you eat accordingly. Start with a pre-ride snack and replenish after the ride. Only eat during longer rides that are over 1 to 1,5 hours.

Fun: Remember what it’s all about. Pick a scenic and rewarding route to keep you motivated; we have plenty!