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  • Trails Update! 23/09/2021

    With the weather ranging at around 25 to 27 maximum and partly cloudy for the next three days, this is set to be a great long weekend. Holla Trails open on the long weekend 06:00 to 15:30 from Friday 24-09-2021 till Sunday 26-09-2021. Trails will......

  • Trails Update! 17/09/2021

    Trails are drying up very fast as the wind blows. The weather is looking good for the weekend with very little chance of rain. We expect our trails to be in good condition from tomorrow as it reaches the 24hr period of no rain. Pink,......

  • Trails Update! 10/09/2021

      It weekend time again. This is going to be very special one. It has been more then 48hrs since the rain last. Our trails are going to be in perfect condition. Weather is good, a little bit warmer, maybe you plan your ride a......

  • Trails Update! 03/09/2021

    First weekend of the Spring, we are so excited to get back to Summer 😜 . We have cleared out the most of our trails including the likes of Purple, Gold, Red, Pink, etc. There is very less chances of rain this weekend, just a......

  • Trails Update! 27/08/2021

    It looks like we are finally going to receive the long awaited rain this weekend, just bad timing though. It’s been windy today and we are expecting up to 100% of rain tomorrow (see the photo). We just hope it’s delayed at least so we......

  • Trails Update! 20/08/2021

    Another great weekend coming up. We expecting a cool weather with a little bit showers maybe on Sunday. We have cleared some of the trails include the favourite red and pink route. Purple and yellow are riding very nice at the moment. Ooh😮! We also......

  • Trails Update! 13/08/2021

    Nice and cool weather this coming weekend. We have had only 1mm overnight and only less than 5mm of rain expected so that means perfect riding trails. The wind is calming down but it was a bit windy out there today so, you can expect......

  • Trails Update!30/07/2021

    It’s long weekend!!!!! 🥳 Our Holla Trails will be open from 06:00 to 15:30 start from Saturday 07/08/2021 till Monday 09/08/2021. Trails are looking great, a little bit soft here and there. We are busy developing some new trail but we have manage to clean......




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