Level 4 Lockdown

Runners on the trail

Level 4 Lockdown

Howzit Holla Tribe,

Whilst we don’t necessarily agree with the government directives for level 4 insofar as there are some ludicrous counter productive rules (like the 6 – 9am exercise rule), Holla Trails will comply with the directives that are pertinent to us, which we have assessed as being those in the image below.

Please note the following information and guidelines to be followed while using the trails:

– The trail head/shop (premises) will be open 6 to 10am to purchase permits and drinks.

– Holla staff will be on the trails at work under Covid protocol already cleaning up the very overgrown trails.

– Everyone on the trails must have a valid annual or day permit displayed; riders on their handlebars and runners on their wrists.

– Absolutely no riding in groups!

– The farmers on the Purple, Yellow, Gold and Maroon route are NOT ALLOWING riders or runners on their farms. These routes are closed and strictly off limits, we urge everyone to respect this.

– The onus is on you to ensure they comply with the government directives, including the 5km rule, but especially if they encounter our staff, other farm workers or another rider/runner on the trails.

– Please also adhere to the government directive of always wearing a face mask when you leave home. We have been informed that a buff is also acceptable.

It’s been pointed out to us by KZN Cycling that these directives are fluid and will be made stricter or more lenient depending on how effective they deem to be. We therefore request that, for the sake of the greater cycling and running community, everyone abides by these directives.

We’re making submissions and have been in contact with Cycling SA and KZN Cycling as well as other bike parks in the country to try and get logic and common sense to weigh in on the regulations so that our trails, which must be the safest possible way to protect ones health, are available to those further afield as soon as possible.

Sign up for an annual membership here: https://www.hollatrails.co.za/biking-costs/

All the best