Chris and Emily

Hey Holla: Q&A with Chris & Emily Allan

You may have seen our Ambassadors, Photographers 📸 and biggest fans, Chris and Emily, on the trails or around the trail head after a run or ride on the trails. We had a chat with them about all things Holla…

Where are you both from? Ballito!

Running riding or both?We do both but we are better at running.

How long have you been members at Holla?This is our first year as members, but we have been running at Holla for 10 years.

Favourite route for running?Maroon is our favourite running route, such beautiful single track through the forest, murder hill that almost breaks you and almost always empty.

Lone Rangers or do you have trail buddies?You never need to run alone at Holla, someone in Ballito is always keen to hit the trails.

I know you run together a lot, how do you juggle this with the kids? We leave water and food out for the kids and hope for the best! Seriously though, if we can’t find someone to watch our kids at home then we run on alternate days. As a woman, I have always felt safe at Holla even when just running with one other friend or by myself. 

Do you bring your kids on the trails? Our kids are now both old enough that we can finally hit the trails as a family on bikes. Max’s (4) furthest ride is 8kms and he was keen to keep going. Holla has some amazing beginner routes so that you can build your kids’ skills and confidence.

What do you love most about Holla Trails?I am always in awe of how well maintained our trails are especially since there are SO many. Even better is that the trails are always changing and improving, with more single track being added, ramps for the bikes and new routes. I never get bored (not even after 10 years).