Q&A With Toni Seery

Hey Holla: Q&A with Toni Seery

With the pandemic came a new love for the trails, and for many the start of something new. We chat to Toni Seery to had her first trail run during lockdown and is now a regular face at Holla Trails!

Where are you from? Ballito 🙂 love living in this town!!!! 

How long have you been riding at Holla? Since August 2019, and have been addicted ever since!

What brought you to the trails? As soon as lockdown was lifted to the level that allowed for outdoor running, I braved the trails with my friend Lea 🙂

Favourite route? It has to be the 8.5km route (Brown). It’s such a fun route and offers so much beauty. Absolutely love running along side the river, through the cane, over the bridges and snapping some fun pics on the swings at the dam! 

Lone Ranger or running buddies? And who are your running buddies? Definitely running trail buddies! Justine, Di, Jeydine & Lea are my trail peeps 🙂 I’ve also recently joined the Nimble Footed Trails WhatsApp group and met some amazing new runners! 

As a Mom it must be quite a juggle to manage the family and keeping fit – can you give any advice or tips to other moms? I always make sure to get my runs in, no matter what mood I wake up in 😉 That hour or two of “Me Time” gives me the energy I need for the day, and it’s my time to think too. So good for the soul. 

What do you love most about Holla Trails? Pretty much summed it up above, but to add to it… I also love the fact that it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising or running the distance that I do. There’s so much to take in on the routes, and you’re having such fun with your mates, that you rack up the KM in no time at all. 

Are you keen to try hit the trails on a bike at all? Eish… i think that it would be quite a funny sight. I’d give it a go though 😉 Have the camera ready! 

Any words of wisdom? Running is not just exercise, it’s a lifestyle! I love that I’m up early, surrounded by amazing people enjoying the same things in life 🙌🏻