Q&A with Sbahle Msweli

Hey Holla: Q&A with Sbahle Msweli

This month we didn’t have to go far for the Q&A as we are meeting with our crew member, Sbahle Msweli. Even with today’s masks, it’s not difficult to miss Sbahle’s smile at the trailhead on the weekends. During the week you can find Sbahle on the trails; building and maintaining during the day and riding and running the trails when the work is done. You will also soon see Sbahle on the trails riding his bike during the day as he will be running our guided tours. Some people prefer to have an experienced rider with them on their first rides, some prefer a guide to ride something different than a standard route, some are looking for a company or family ride complete with a picnic; Sbahle is ready to take you out on your adventure!

How did you get into riding?
I used to ride my Grandfather’s oversized single speed bike back in the days. 10 years later I got the chance to be on a mountain bike here at Holla Trails.

What do you enjoy most about working at Holla Trails? 
Engaging with customers, but most importantly being involved in the day to day work when building new trails or sections (and riding what we build, of course).

Do you run and ride?
Yes definitely! It gives one a sense of understanding about the trails before making recommendations to customers.

What do you prefer riding or running?
Riding for sure! It’s much more fun and less pain 😉

Which is your favourite trail at Holla?
The Pink route, a very beautiful and fast flowing route.