Salomon Challenge results

Salomon Challenge – Results

The Salomon Challenge proved all the people who said that virtual racing is not exciting, wrong! The leader boards changed almost daily with athletes pushing each other further and further with excitement right up until the last hour, where we saw Jenna Challenor (World Champ road runner and Holla Ambassador) claim back the best time that she lost earlier that morning to Tarryn Erasmus (talented trail runner and Holla Ambassador).
A big thanks goes out to all those who participated and to Salomon and Steven and Andrew Erasmus, who all had a part to play in the success of this event.
Check out the results and incredibly fast times below:

1st Male:  Rory Scheffer   1.10.14            1st Female:  Jenna Challenor  1.18.33

Downhill segment.
1st Male:  Hank McGregor  9.29              1st Female:  Jenna Challenor   11.18

1st Male: Hank McGregor  8.53                1st Female: Tarryn Erasmus  9.50

Last km sprint
1st Male: Hank McGregor 3.19                 1st Female: Jenna Challenor  3.56

Fastest couple (combined fastest times):  Hank and Pippa McGregor

Most likes on social media:  Jenna Challenor

Oldest person to run the route:  Larry Wilson. 62.

Most runs: Ash Naidoo, 14

As the Salomon Challenge was a big success, please keep an eye on Salomon’s and our social media as there is another Salomon Challenge coming soon! We cannot wait… watch this space!