Monkeyland KZN

Did you know that when you ride the Gold route you’re actually riding a few meters away from the Monkey Land KZN fence? The chances that you have seen it are quite slim, as it’s on the fast flowing single track section after the rocks at the top where you want to keep your eyes on the trail. Next time you ride Gold, just pop in at Monkey Land for a drink or a snack. After the last section of single track we have a made a split to Monkey Land and also marked the way back to the Gold route. If the gold route is a bit too far, or if you want to go for a proper trail run, you are welcome to park safely at Monkey Land and do the Monkey Land loop. The loop is only 10km but has 300m of climbing and is a nice mix of open roads, mature forest and amazing views. As usual, a valid permit is required. For non-members, day permits are sold at the Monkey Land shop. Just note the opening times are from 0800 to 1600 on Thursday – Monday.

If you are curious to see what is on the other side of the fence, please pop in to our trailhead and collect a discount voucher for a tour of Monkey Land.