Hey Holla: Q&A with Charl Stander

This month we chatted to regular Holla rider and Owner of Concept Cyclery, Charl Stander…

Where do you live? Sheffield Beach
How many years have you been a member at Holla? Almost 8 years now.
How did you get into riding? Our family did a lot of motocross racing when I was younger. Once I started working and realised the cost of it, I started mountain biking as a cheaper option. The whole family soon followed and we haven’t stopped since. It was very different back then, a “stage race” consisted of myself and a couple of buddies getting dropped off in Port St Johns and we would ride and camp our way back to Port Edward, carrying everything we needed in our back packs. Careful choices were made between food and beverages…
What is your favourite route? Maroon.
I believe you are a fan of our night rides? What is it that makes riding at night special? Everything seems faster in the dark! The trails come alive with nightlife. The braai and banter with the guys after is a great stress reliever…
Can anyone participate in the club night rides at Holla? Yes, most definitely!
What advice would you give to a newbie wanting to start night rides? Get a proper light and bring a sense of humour! 
And lastly, what do you love most about Holla Trails? The fact that I have so much trail to choose from this close to my work and home is such a privilege! I don’t have to drive far to enjoy being outside on my bike. I’m a dad and Holla is pretty family orientated. My whole family enjoy the trails. Well done to the whole Holla team and thanks to the farmers for allowing the use of their land so we can enjoy ourselves, you guys are awesome!