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Running Trails @ Holla Trails

Designed for every level of runner

Choose a route that suits your adventure best.

Whether you are an anxious newbie or experienced pro, we hope you enjoy taking your adventure on to our trails.

Tips for enjoying your day

  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Especially when introducing new riders or kids to the trails. We have seen many people being put off riding after arriving back shattered because their mates/parents took them for a long ride that they weren’t ready for.
  2. Take some snacks and enough fluids to sustain you longer than you think you will be out (even better, take a picnic, find a cool spot and chill).
  3. If you get lost, go back to the last place you saw an arrow and try again.
  4. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the views.
  5. Join two short trails together instead of doing a huge long route. This keeps you closer to the trailhead than one long route and will have more single track per km.

Generally speaking, the trails below get harder as you make your way down the list.

Click on each route for more info.


  • Pink
  • Brown
    DISTANCE: 8.5 KM
  • Blue