Flood Updates 2.0

Bottom mud strip

What routes are open?


We had 90 mm of rain in just two hours on 14 January and the result is almost the same as with the previous floods. We are waiting for the water to come down a bit so we can assess all the damage but for now almost all the routes are effected. We will start to get the routes closest to Holla open and then move on to the longer routes.

If you are keen for an adventure, you can go out and explore, just be aware of high and fast flowing water, holes and quick sand. We are trying to get trails open asap and we will update as soon as we can but the here is the status on 16 January:

Open routes:

MTB: Blue and Purple combo; Go out on blue and switch to purple when you enter Fairview

Run: Pink Balwin route and Blue


Closed routes:

MTB: Green, Silver MediResponse, Blue, Purple Suzuki Salt Rock/Chery Ballito, Pink Balwin, Red Biogen, Yellow Dunlop and Gold

Run: Brown


Please speak to the team at the trail head on arrival for the latest updates.