Flood Updates 2.0

Bottom mud strip

What routes are open?


While we were still busy rebuilding after the heavy rain on 14 January, we had another big storm on 22 March. The damage was not that bad but there still are a few changes and damages from that previous floods that we were not able to fix.  All the trails are open but with some changes. This is where we are on 28 March:

Pink Balwin Sport Run Route: all open

Brown Run Route: all open, but beware of the deviation in Fairview. After you go down at the dam wall you go across the field and you used to go into the single track on the right side of the river. Now, you go left on the road and right onto the lawn on the left side of the river.

Blue Run Route: all open

Green MTB Route: the deviation over the concrete bridge going out is still there, but you will be happy to hear that the bridge on the way back to the Gumtrees is back in place. It took a JCB to get the job done. There is still a bit of sand at the entrance but you will find that the angle of the approach is a lot better.

Silver Medi Response Route & Blue MTB Route: Be aware of the deviation in Fairview. After you came down at the dam wall and you went across the field, we don’t cross the road to the single track, but we go left over the bridge and then right onto the lawn. Some people may recognise part of this section. Further on where we used to drop in at the switch backs we go straight and tie in with the original route after the last bridge.

Purple Suzuki Salt Rock – Chery Ballito Route: The contra flow section is still in place, as is the deviation after the main single track. What is new is the last section at the airstrip towards Sugar Rush Park is undergoing a revamp. We had some spare time on the JCB after moving the bridge on Green, so we decided to put it to use here. Please let us know what you think.

Pink Balwin Sport MTB Route: Contrary to the Green, we are going out on the bridge at the bamboo’s again. Just be aware that the sidings are not there at the end. On the way up you can still follow the original route past Eagles Nest, but you have to deal with the river crossings. The marked alternative will take you up at the chicken farm climb and lets you tie in with the single track from the top. The bridge on the way back to the Gumtrees is back in place and rideable for every one now (a select few were actually able to ride up with the short and sharp approach and jump off on the other side).

Red Biogen MTB Route: All open until the end of Ant’s Burning Bush, where the route is parallel to the Pink. Going out on Red and hopping onto Pink, is actually the best way to get the most single track on this side. Just note that the last bridge is still missing, but it’s an easy crossing over the river.

Yellow Route: Please note that we changed the rutted section dropping down after the tar road. We now go on one of the freshly cut contours along the main farm road. The bridges are back, but the route is still a bit rough in some places, let’s actually say “adventurous”. The Rain Farm crossing has dried up and after that it’s left and a small hike through a big rut or go up the tar and tie back in on top. Both options are marked.

Gold Route: All open, just be aware of some branches at the Howards Bush single track. The Rain Farm crossing has dried and after that it’s left and a small hike through a big rut or go up the tar and tie back in on top.

Please speak to the team at the trail head on arrival for the latest updates.