Trails Update!26/01/2024

It is amazing to see how the cycling community stands together when disaster strikes (again). With the help of @Concept Cyclery Ballito, @grusomegresh, @rise-again and @natsberstrom, we have made a lot of progress clearing the Pink Balwin, the Silver Medi Response, the Blue route, Purple route and the Gumtrees. In fact the clearing on the Pink Balwin route went a lot faster than the rebuild of the concrete bridge (where all the routes cross the river on the way back). The bridge was finished in the last moment and we could not get the marking done in time however you can use the bridge to go out, just after the bridge, turn right and ride along the river and pick up the pink route after where the second gumtrees join the main gravel road. Then after contour down you can choose your adventure; follow pink and get your feet wet on the way up or go left towards the main gravel road and go up the chicken climb at the dog kennels. The main single track down has been cleared and is definitely worth it.
Nice and warm weather is expected for the weekend unless the weather man changes his mind.
Looking forward on the trails this weekend.
Holla Trails Mondli and the team.