Tips: Trail Etiquette


Tips: Trail Etiquette

With the increasing number of people on our trails, it may be a good idea to repeat some trail etiquette. Here are some simple guidelines that make the ride, run or hike safe and pleasant for everyone…

No Helmet, No ride. Riding without a helmet is not cool. Actually a helmet protects you from the sun while still providing ventilation so, a helmet is cool (and can save your life).

Leave the trail open: When you are stopping to look at the view (recovering from a climb), fix your bike or wait for someone, please leave a gap for others to pass by.

Follow the route: Most of our trails and all our single track are unidirectional. No one wants to come around a corner facing another rider coming towards you.

Stay on the trail: You are riding and running on operational farms and farmers do not expect anyone outside of the marked routes. Please stick to the routes, but you are free to jump from one route to another to mix it up.

Corners: We try to avoid straight lines and create a flow when we cut a trail. Cutting a corner will make you 0.1 second faster on Strava but it damages the trail and creates erosion.

Passing: Not everyone rides at the same pace. If you see someone riding in front of you, they’re not there to hold you up; they’re simply less experienced or not as fit. The last thing a slower rider wants is the pressure of a fast rider breathing down their neck. With the added pressure, less skills and confidence than a faster rider, it’s not easy trying to find a place to pass. If you want to pass, just ask and give them a chance to find a suitable spot. And remember please and thank you are the magic words.

Right of way: Riders, runners, hikers, walkers, dogs, horses, bakkies, trucks, tractors; there is a lot going on and we need to share the trails. All farm vehicles have right of way. Most of them are out there at work while we’re so lucky to be out there to play on their land. Just give way and say hello or have a chat.

Keep it clean: We trust that most wrappers and bottles on the trails are accidents but please let us, as trail users, set the example not to litter.

Be self sufficient: Even riding with a group, always take your own phone, multi-tool, pump, bomb, tyre lever and tube; don’t rely on others. You may not need it for many rides but you will be happy you took it when you do need it, or when you can help someone else. When you see someone standing next to their bike on the trail always stop and check if they’re okay.

Be legal: always display a valid permit when you’re on the trails. When you go out early or late and the trailhead is closed, please use the honesty box. There is no excuse not to have a permit.