Hey Holla: Q&A with Andrew Erasmus

This month we’re chatting to trail running enthusiast and Holla Ambassador, Andrew Erasmus. Read our Q&A catch up with Andy and join him at the Salomon night runs at Holla…

Where do you live? I grew up in JHB and now live in Sheffield beach.
How long have you been running at Holla? Many, many years, I think about 12 years!

What brought you to the trails? A friend invited me for a run, and I absolutely loved it, I could not believe how lucky we were to have such amazing trails on our doorstep.

Favourite route and why? It is so hard to choose, depends on what I am training for, at the moment I am loving the Pink route with all the new single track, but for longer runs Yellow and Gold were definitely my go to.

What are your trail running essentials? My Salomon hydration pack, I don’t think I could do the running I do without it.

Best memory/most interesting story from running? One of my favourite memories is definitely winning my first Mnweni marathon with my brother, It was a freezing cold year and the Lesotho section was covered in snow, Steven and I managed to break away on the run down Rockeries pass and hold everyone else off to take the win. It was very special to share it with Steven.

Lone Ranger or running buddies? And who are your running buddies? That all depends on what I am training for, I absolutely love seeing new faces at the Salomon social run every first and third Wednesday of the month, there is something special about meeting new people and getting to share a sport that I am so passionate about. I do also love long lonely runs where I can just get into my own rhythm and head space. I have a few people I run with, but I try to mix it up.

Furtherest you have ever run on trail? I have done a few 100milers on trail, I think the longest I have recorded was 167km.

What do you love most about Holla Trails? I love seeing the happy faces of people that have just been out on the trails, everyone is always smiling and full of stories, I am always greeted by the friendly staff and most of all I love the kilometres and kilometres of amazing trails.

We believe you are quite quick – what would have to be chasing you to make you run even faster? 😉 A podium finish.
(Let’s hope we can see that at Karkloof this year 😉