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Holla to Blythedale

Date: 2nd June

Time: 06:30 from Holla Trails

We will be riding again from Holla to the Blythedale Coastal Adventure Market on the 2nd of June. Join us for an easy pace 50km ride to and through the beautiful Blythedale Coastal Estate. Meet there with your family or friends to enjoy the market and get a lift home. Just let us know if you want to come along. No special charges, annual or day permits to be displayed on bikes as usual.

If you can not make it, you can ride or run the trails at the Blythedale Coastal Estate any day of the week. There is a scenic 14km loop and a 21km challenge loop for the cyclists. For the runners there is a 5km, 10km and 13km run.It works the same as Holla Trails; get a permit and ride but… If you are a Holla member you can use your Holla board at Blythedale too!

Bookings: trailmaster@hollatrails.co.za
Jasper 074 897 8559