Holla Trails Brand Ambassador Seble Dessegne

Hey Holla: Q&A with Ambassador Seble Dessalegne

As one of our new Ambassadors for 2021, we decided to find out a little bit more about Seble and how she came to end up loving our trails.

Where are you from? We’re an Ethiopian/German family, and we live in Umhlanga Village.

What brought you to Holla, and how long have you been visiting Holla? I’m always seeking sport and fitness activities. Not all my friends and family enjoy going to the gym or to spin classes, as I do. As a healthy lifestyle fanatic, I was looking for what we can do together for sports activities that everyone will enjoy. Then I found out about Holla, and we tried it once back in 2018 and everyone had a fantastic time. 

Are you a runner, rider or both? I would say I am both.  However, I am not advanced in either. 

Who do you run/ride with? Mostly riding and normally with my husband and my two daughters but, I generally run on my own.

I know you do lots of exercise. What other things do you do, and how does Holla fit into your training regime? As a health professional myself, I am a fan of staying active and encourage others to do the same for health purposes. I do a couple of things from online coaching, instructing yoga classes, going for a run, trying to surf and creating encouraging online content. Holla fits in by challenging me to try the advanced trails and pushing me to do better. Located in beautiful outdoor scenery, makes it perfect for doing live coaching and creating beautiful content.

What do you love most about the trails? It gives you many options to do various sports simultaneously for good family time; after a run or a ride, you mostly want to have coffee or sit for a healthy meal afterwards. Holla has made this all available in one beautiful outdoor space, which makes it so attractive.

What is your favourite route? The Pink trail

Any words of wisdom or inspiration? Just three things.
1. Stay active and have a good time while you’re at it.
2. Try something new in sports, perhaps something that scares you, it’s good for your wellbeing.
3. You don’t know what you’re capable of till you get out there and try it.